What’s a Work Order?

A Work Order is a task or job for a Customer that can be scheduled and assigned to someone. Work Order assignments can be simple, but even complicated assignments can be managed simply with the use of Forms and Packages.

Work Orders Conceptualized

Work Order Components

A simple Work Order requires only the five elements shown in gold.

All other elements are optional.

For example, Forms are not required, but one or more Forms can be used to organize or document activities with customized and re-usable checklists. Forms can contain pages that can be used to give “logic” to which items in a Form will be presented.

Other optional items, shown in green, such as an Estimate (or Quote), can be included in a Work Order. When a common set of optional items are often used, they can be grouped as part of a named Package to speed their inclusion in the Work Order. See also:

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