How do I Create a Ticket?

A ticket is any traceable note, inquiry, request or information that you would like to have on record. Tickets are assigned to Admins.

ReachOut -> Ticket Management -> Ticket Home -> Create Ticket

If you have added the customer earlier, Search for the Customer by adding 3 or more characters of the Customer Name or Customer ID in the search box else, you can directly add a customer from here.

Fill in all the mandatory (*) fields.

  • Ticket Subject, Description.
  • Set Priority – Low, Medium, High, Critical
  • Set Status – Unassigned, New, Execution, Review, Closed, Archived (Status can be customized. Here’s how.)
  • Select Source – E-mail, Phone, Ticket, Inspection, Work Order, Other (This will allow you to track from where the request has come)
  • Set an assignee for the Ticket. Tickets are assigned to Admins.
  • You can also specify categories if required

And Save!

You can view all your Tickets at Tickets Home.

What are Relations?

Tickets can be used to create related Inspections and Work Orders.

  • You can trace the source of a Ticket or
  • you can also trace the Inspection and Work Orders created as a result of this ticket.

What are Attachments?

  • Attachments can be of file types – doc, docx, xls, xlsx and pdf.
  • Size of the file should be within 5MB.


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